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Nip Slipped

Water Element (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

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There are 4 Elements in Astrology.







The WATER Element is attached to Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces . These 3 Zodiac Signs share one similarity, and that is their emotions. Water signs are soft hearted individuals who are willing to do the most for the ones that they love. You show love to everyone else.. now it’s time to show love to yourself. And that’s why you deserve to spoil yourself with this beautiful blue set. There’s no color better than Blue to represent Water. This design is one of a kind. It’s original, different, and it was created with LOVE. Because you deserve it.. right?

This set includes
1 Bra
1 Harness top with gold chains
1 panty
1 garter strap
2 leg rings 
And 1 waist harness with gold chains.

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Happy Customer
So sexy

My fans loved it



Birthday shoot

Birthday shoot. 💙


I wore it to a rave and received so many compliments


This set fit my body perfectly! I love how they make sets for all sizes. Super dope 🥰